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Vehicle Loan Scheme
Any Individual (Single/Jointly)/Firm/Legal Entity.
For purchase of New/old vehicle ( not more than 5 years old).

Loan Amount:

As per Demand. (Ex-showroom price+ RTO Amount+Accessories are included.).

Rate Of Intrest:


36 months.


Hypothecation of vehicle Two Guarantors. If loan amount is more than Rs.25 lac then immovable security need to be provided.

Processing Fee:

1.5 % of the loan amount

Share Holding:

2.50% Of The Loan Amount


Duly filled Loan Application Form Pro-forma Invoice of the Authorized Dealer For other documents.


Insurance Of Property Charged To The Bank .

  • Loan File Documents As Follows

  • Click Here

रिझव्र्ह बँकेच्या आदेशाप्रमाणे अथवा संचालक मंडळाच्या वेळोवेळीच्या निर्णयाप्रमाणे व्याजदरात होणारे बदल बंधनकारक पडतील.
Interest rate are changed by guide line of reserved bank and reservation board of director from time to time.