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Home Loan Scheme
Individuals Or Jointly (Co-Borrowers Having An AssuredSource Of Regular Income Viz. Salaried / Self-Employed Persons, Professionals, Businessmen, Farmers Etc).
Construction Of House, Where In The Plot/Land Alreadyowned By The Applicant To Buy Built Up (New Or Second Hand) / Semi Built Up house Or Flat.To Extend/Renovate/Repair,The Existing House Or Flat.To Extend/Renovate/Repair, The Existing House Or Flat.To Buy A Flat Under Construction Or Proposed To Be Constructed

Loan Amount:

70% Of Flat Or Construction Cost Or As Per Income Repayment Capacity.

Rate Of Intrest:


Max Upto 10 Years.


Registered Mortgage Of Financed Property/Property Proposed To Be Furnished.

Processing Fee:

1.5 % Of The Loan Amount

Share Holding:

2.50% Of The Loan Amount


For Detail Documents Please Contact Your Nearest Branch.


Insurance Of Property Charged To The Bank .

  • Loan File Documents As Follows

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रिझव्र्ह बँकेच्या आदेशाप्रमाणे अथवा संचालक मंडळाच्या वेळोवेळीच्या निर्णयाप्रमाणे व्याजदरात होणारे बदल बंधनकारक पडतील.
Interest rate are changed by guide line of reserved bank and reservation board of director from time to time.